Recently, in the month of July was the 2015 Wimbledon tennis tournament. On this odd grass tennis court tennis professionals tried to win and kiss the golden trophy. But only two people in each gender made the final. Only one won. In the men’s final the match up was really close. World rank number 1. Novak Djokovic played world rank number 2. Roger Federer. They battled to the death and at the end Novak Djokovic won 7-6, 6-7, 6-4, 6-3, with pride in his heart. In the women’s final it was not a close match up but a pretty close game. 1. rank Serena Williams defeated 20. rank Garbine Muguruza 6-4, 6-4. Although Muguruza lost, she was still glad to make a final in her tennis career.

These two outstanding champions took home a great win and will try to do the same in the next grand slam.




Futsal is a type of soccer played indoors on a wooden floor. kind of like playing soccer on a basketball court.


There are two goals on each side just like a soccer field, but the goals are a little bit smaller. There are four players on a court and a goalie. Five players in all. The ball is heavy so went it hits the wooden floor it won’t bounce that high. It’s not so heavy that you could get a serious injury but it is fairly heavy. When it goes out, there are no throw-ins like in soccer. You pass it in with your feet. When you do pass the ball in the ball has to be exactly on the line. If the ball isn’t on the line then the other team gets the ball. There are 20 minutes in each half, 40 minutes in all. The subs can also go on during the game and not when the play is stopped. If a team makes 6 fouls in one half than the opponents get a penalty. There are also yellow cards and red cards. A yellow card is if you make a rough or bad tackle which would be the first warning. A red card is two yellows or a very serious and rough tackle which would be a straight red and you would be sent off the court.


Futsal was founded by a man named Juan Ceriani Gravier a teacher in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1930. He wanted to create a game that was like soccer but indoors. When he was making up the sport he wanted to get rules from other sports such as basketball with the five players on the court rule and the duration of the game from water polo that is 40 minutes. Also the size of the goal and the size of the court, from handball. The game that he created slowly started to get popular in Latin America. But the rules were not uniform so two men from the YMCA modified the rules and it became a sport.

Now that I have told you about this very unique sport why don’t you try to play it. If you can’t go to a Futsal arena then try to play it on your driveway or even make up your own sport.

The Atlantic Premier League


Today I will be telling you about my travel soccer team called the LMSC Ding. My team is an age group called U10. I posted this post to tell you that my travel soccer team won one of the most competitive leagues in the United States called  the Atlantic Premier League. It is one of the best leagues because it gathers on of the best teams from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland. My team is in Pennsylvania and we won the league. My team played this other team from New Jersey called SDFC Santos Yellow in the final and beat them 6-1. When we won we got this really nice trophy and we were all really happy.

FIBA 2014

FIBA_logo USA won the FIBA basketball 2014 World cup in Spain. FIBA is just like Fifa but it’s basketball instead. It was the world cup and USA and Serbia played on Sunday, September 14 2014.  It was a great match. USA didn’t start out to well but they got in the game and won the FIBA world cup. They were all really happy. USA beat them 129-92. In the quarterfinals USA crushed Slovenia 119-76. Lithuania also beat New Zealand 73-61. Serbia beat Brazil 84-56. France also beat Spain in the quarterfinal 65-52. So in the semi-final USA beat Lithuania 96-68.  Then in the other semi-final game Serbia beat France 90-85. Then USA beat Serbia in the final and France beat Lithuania 95-93 in the 3rd place game. It was a very exciting FIBA World Cup.

The World Cup Champions are…


GERMANY. After a great 2014 world cup season Germany reached the final and won against Argentina. Both teams played unbelievable. It was an intense match with great chances and great plays. In the semi-final it was a horrifying match between Germany and Brazil. Germany beat Brazil 7-1. It was one of Brazil’s worst losses. The fans were terrified with what they saw. It was absolutely dreadful. All the fans were crying. In the other semi-final between  Argentina and Netherlands it was 0-0 but they went into extra-time and still no goals. So they went to penalty shootout. Argentina had 2 amazing saves by goal keeper Sergio Romero in the penalties. So they took the win 4-2 to in the shootouts. So Argentina faced Germany in the World Cup final in Rio De Janeiro. It was 0-0 the whole game except in extra-time on the 113′ Mario Gotze for Germany scored the winning goal with a chest control and a great finish into the back of the net.

World cup 2014



It has been a extraordinary World cup so far, They are up to the semi-finals. Starting from the beginning all the way to the semi-finals it has been a great World cup. There were great games with great plays and great goals. It has been a unusual World cup too. Great teams like England, Italy, Portugal and even Spain didn’t make it through there bracket. Spain won the World cup in 2010 vs Netherlands. In the round of 16 there were excellent games. Teams played so good that some of the games went to extra time and even penalty shootout. Now it’s up to four teams playing in the semi-final. Brazil vs Germany and Netherlands vs Argentina. Who will win?

Super Bowl XLVIII


The Super Bowl just happened. The Denver Broncos played the Seattle Seahawks in a game of football. It was the championship game. They call it the Super Bowl. It was the 48th Super Bowl in football history. The Seahawks demolished the Broncos 43-8 in the SUPER BOWL. Can you believe that? On the Super Bowl. Anyway, I was cheering for the Seahawks. I hope everybody was too, because that’s just embarrassing. Well, everybody on the Seahawks were cheering there heads off. They deserved the crystal trophy. Yay! Go Seahawks!

Detroit Red Wings v.s. Toronto Maple Leafs


On January 1st, 2014 ( Wednesday)  the  Toronto Maple Leafs beat the Detroit Re Wings 3-2 in hockey. But that’s not all. They were playing outside. It was in the college football stadium Michigan. It was also snowing a lot. When they play outside it’s called the winter classic. The mvps were Jonothan Bernier from the Maple Leafs, Jimmy Howard from the Red Wings, and Tyler Bozak from the Maple Leafs. It was the end of over time score 2-2. They went to shootouts and the Maple Leafs won.



Ding is a soccer team from the Lower Merion soccer club. They are the U-9 A travel team in the 2013-2014 season. They are a  very good team. They played in three tournaments so far and they won one of them.  They are playing in a league called the Delco league. Ding has eight wins and one draw. This weekend they are playing a tough team called Pipeline soccer club. If Ding ties or beats Pipeline,  they will win the Delco league. So cheer for them.

Greece defeats Spain


In Fiba Euro basket in Slovenia. Greece defeated Spain 79-75. It was a really good and intense game. Both teams played really good. Now Greece is going to play vs Slovenia and Spain is going to play Italy. There are two players on the Greek team who were really good. There names are Michael Bramos ( who’s American Greek ) and Vasiilis Spanoulis. There also was a player named Marc Gasol who plays for the Memphis Grizzles in the Nba. Who will win the Championship.